Trade-In your older Vanguard Instrument. Save 15%!
Get 15% off the price of a new Vanguard Instrument when you trade-in an older Vanguard test set. 

Trade-In of a similar 3rd party instrument.* Save 10%!
Get 10% off the price of a new Vanguard Instrument with trade-in of a similar 3rd party instrument. 

*Must be a similar test set. The model must be a recent vintage and approved for discount.

Package Savings. 10% Off!
We have created the following packages based on the different applications for Vanguard Instruments. For these packages, a 10% discount will be applied to the total for all the instruments in a package.

  • Circuit Breaker Testing Packages
  • Transformer Testing Packages
  • Substation Testing Packages

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Note: One trade-in per instrument purchase