Large power transformer design and manufacturing quality assurance is often critical to a project’s success. When something goes wrong during the manufacturing process, significant budget over-runs or revenue loss can result. Once a transformer has left the manufacturing facility, unidentified or overlooked problems can lead to far higher costs and loss of critical time.

Doble is a global provider of transformer specification writing, design review, factory inspection and acceptance test witnessing professional services, and we provide these services on site and remotely using our global team to represent our customer’s demanding requirements. Doble has extensive experience with more than 50 different transformer manufacturing factories in over 20 countries across the Americas, Europe & Asia Pacific.

This webinar will highlight why enhanced transformer design and manufacturing surveillance can help:

  • Verify specific requirements are met during the design and production processes
  • Mitigate transformer schedule risk
  • Establish a clear, communication line between the client and manufacturer
  • Address problems before transformer leaves the factory to avoid high cost and delays associated with field repair

Presenters: Jason Varnell, Principal Transformer Engineer, Doble Professional Services