This month’s Featured Technical Paper is from the Proceedings of the 2022 International Conference of Doble Clients. The paper is titled: Generator Maintenance Update.


Generator operations, generator designs and generator maintenance technology have all changed significantly over the past 10 years or so. Most generator owner / operators have generator maintenance programs in place. However, a close review of those programs will likely find that they are not tightly aligned with current day generator operational scenarios and new machine or upgraded generator designs. The review may also find that recent technology advances of equipment, and procedures are not fully utilized or even applied at all.

This paper and presentation will help owners and users understand changes and advancements of generator operations, design, and maintenance technology and how they should be addressed in an effective maintenance program. Given the objective of ensuring long term reliable operation of generators, the discussion will be applicable to a broad spectrum of manufacturers, ratings, design characteristics, and operational scenarios.

A basic review of key generator maintenance elements will be shared as a foundation. Current market operational scenarios will be discussed relative to generator maintenance and impact on generator reliability. Generator design trends and characteristics will also be explored in the same way. Recent advances in generator maintenance technologies will be identified and discussed relative to their maintenance value, capabilities, limitations, design applicability, and how to best incorporate them into an effective maintenance program.

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