A Quality Assurance Test Program for Stator Coils/Bars

"A Quality Assurance Test Program for Stator Coils/Bars" is from the Proceedings of the 2014 International Conference of Doble Clients. 



This paper presents a test program used to evaluate the quality of new generator and motor bars/coils. The program includes diagnostic tests, voltage endurance test, thermal cycling test and dissection of coils/bars. The diagnostic tests can be used to detect defects and assess the insulation condition of stator bars/coils. Voltage endurance tests and thermal cycling tests are typical accelerated aging tests used to check the quality of stator bars/coils. Dissection of the coils/bars can discover internal defects which may not be revealed by the electrical tests. The paper describes the test methods, test requirements, and associated IEEE standards. Incorporating the test program into a generator rewind specification is also discussed.