Low Energy Degradation Triangle for Power Transformer Health Assessment

This month’s Featured Technical Paper is from the Proceedings of the 2018 International Conference of Doble Clients. The paper is titled: Low Energy Degradation Triangle for Power Transformer Health Assessment.



Power transformers play an important role in the generation and transmission of electricity. It is very important to identify incipient problems to mitigate the effects of failures and prevent lost production. The Low Energy Degradation Triangle (LEDT) has been tested on over 200 GSU transformers in Eskom (South African Utility) and other transformers in the world providing positive results in early detection of insulation degradation leading to failures. The LEDT is based on low energy dissolved parameters hydrogen, methane and carbon monoxide. This method also provides an R-value trend which easily provides triggers of insulation degradation which can be used for further investigation and condition monitoring. Numerous case studies have been provided in previous publications and this paper further discusses and adds to the already published list of case studies investigated. This paper also introduces updates made to LEDT method where locations of specific fault regions are defined, the carbon monoxide values are limited to 500 ppm and the trigger limit for the R-value is 0.13.


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