The Imperative of Mitigating Arc Flash Risk

This month’s Featured Technical Paper is from the Proceedings of the 2018 International Conference of Doble Clients. The paper is titled: The Imperative of Mitigating Arc Flash Risk.


An arc flash event poses tremendous risk toward safety of personnel, damage of property, and extended loss of productivity. Agencies like NFPA and OSHA have instituted means to identify, calculate, and raise awareness of these risks to personnel, but quite often the means to reduce these risks remain unaddressed. More often than not, facilities end up conceding to live with critical electrical distribution equipment labeled with high or even “Dangerous” category incident energy levels, subjecting themselves to diminished ability to maintain such equipment while exposing their personnel, property, and productivity to potentially significant loss, should an arc event occur. The purpose of this paper is to highlight strategies and methods that help reduce the potential arc flash energy levels, and thereby reduce the amount of PPE and long-term infrastructure investment, as well as reduce further risk to loss of production time. These strategies and methods may require one-time investments in equipment modifications, but yield a multitude of benefits year-over-year.

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