doblePRIME is a transformer condition monitoring system that gives you the data and analysis you need to make the right tactical and strategic decisions for your assets.



doblePRIME Condition Monitoring platform installed on location

Set Your Own Measurement Parameters: Choose what to monitor with a combination of sensors for dissolved gas analysis, partial discharge, bushing leakage current and a variety of operational parameters such as tap position, load, voltage and oil level.

Secure Access: doblePRIME works within your existing security infrastructure to supply data and analysis where it is needed. This way you can access doblePRIME dashboards within your cyber secure infrastructure. 

Flexible and Expandable: Each doblePRIME module (IDD, PD-Guard, Delphi, DOMINO, etc.) can stand alone or can be part of a more comprehensive monitoring system. By taking a platform approach, you can cost effectively deploy a solution that fulfills your needs today and can scale whenever you are ready or necessity dictates.

doblePRIME can also link to an asset risk management system such as dobleARMS for advanced analytics, root cause and financial analysis. 


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