Doble’s Asset Risk Management System (dobleARMS®) is a cost-effective tool for monitoring assets across the enterprise. dobleARMS identifies critical fleet information and gives context to all your data, allowing you to focus on which assets need the most attention and what problems will have a big impact on your business.

A clear view of asset health: dobleARMS offers a geospatial view of assets across your entire system, with clear visuals of asset condition, criticality and risk. Drill down to the specific details you want and need to see from the convenience of your workstation. 

Secure and flexible: dobleARMS meets FERC, NERC and NIST security and Smart Grid standards. Its scalable infrastructure supports data collection from a variety of data sources, eliminating the need to manually manage interface points and changes.

Decades of benchmark data at your fingertips: dobleARMS combines analytical results from real-time, online and offline data sources with 80 years of data on asset performance from the Doble knowledgebase.


Get smarter about managing asset health with help from the intelligent asset risk management system, dobleARMS.

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