Geomagnetic disturbances (GMDs) caused by solar storms could potentially overload the electric grid and trigger voltage collapse or damage expensive extra-high voltage (EHV) power transformers.

To prevent widespread power outages and protect transformers from the effects of GMDs, NERC standard TPL-007-1 was implemented January 1, 2017.  

Thermal Impact Assessment Requirements for GMD Risk Mitigation

NERC TPL-007-1 requires utilities to conduct assessments of the potential impact of a GMD event on their equipment and the bulk power system.

Doble's Professional Services can perform thermal impact assessments according to the IEEE C57.163-2015 Guide to establish power transformer capabilities under GMDs. Assessments are based on 5 GIC levels and deliverables include a final GIC capabilities report.

Doble Consulting & Testing Services

Doble is your trusted partner with extensive transformer design expertise at over 50 different transformer manufacturing factories worldwide. We have extensive experience with all major legacy manufacturers including GE, McGraw Edison and Westinghouse.

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